Monday, April 30, 2007

CB Model Pro Project - From Sphere to Helmet

We begin a series of specific projects in CB Model Pro by using a Sphere Blob to create a typical science fiction helmet.

Play the Tutorial for the Sphere to Helmet Project

One of the CB Model Pro concepts that plays an important part in this project is that of Nested Blobs where a blob INSIDE another blob is seen using REVEAL techniques.

The entire project took just under 10 minutes to complete.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

CB Model Pro - User Interface Tutorials

CB Model Pro is a totally unique 3D modeling application. In these tutorials we introduce you to the tools that we use to create our models.

The first of these tutorials will introduce the CONTROLS on the left side of the CB Model Pro screen that let you modify the working environment. These include SAVING your creations, using UNDO and REDO, the MIRROR function and the ORIENTATION tools like MOVE and ROTATE.

Play Interface Tutorial #1 - Environment Controls

In the second tutorial we introduce the TOOLS that we use to manipulate the surfaces of our 3D Models. The unique methodology used in CB Model Pro is to modify the surface of an exisitng 'blob' to create a new 3D model. To accomplish this task, the designers have given us some powerful tools. We'll introduce each of these tools in this tutorial.

Play Interface Tutorial #2 - Modeling Tools

While we address each control or tool only briefly, we hope that it gives you some immediate insight into why we feel this is such an easy, unique and remarkable tool for 3D modeling.